Many people ask us why in Hacking Ecology we have decided to launch a crowdfunding and why our focus is the deployment of the system on impacted regions in the world and not the pre-selling of products.

Let us explain here:

1 – We are not an old-fashioned organization. We work side by side with universities and autonomous groups committed to applying free-open technology as an alternative to the inaccessible systems we have so far.

2 – We put community at the center of what we do, and our first aim is to increase accessibility for groups from regions under strong environmental impact that can’t access the necessary tools.

3 – Crowdfunding will allow us to validate the current system and deploy it in Bonito, supporting local communities and researchers to better understand this unique biome, the impact caused by intensive agriculture and develop conservation strategies.

4 – Together with partners from universities like UFMS of Brazil and UB in Catalonia, autonomous collectives like IMVEC, and organizations like COACT, Parc Tecnològic and ValldauraLabs we have been developing the system to be released in the coming months. In our crowdfunding, we are also making a limited number of our NAYAD 0.1 units available for people and groups willing to build a community of early adopters and partners: your feedback and comments will help to make our system the best one, meeting and exceeding expectations!

5 – We are very excited with the partnerships we build, the system we have and the big potential to grow together.