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Hacking Ecology is a young, passionate and multidisciplinary team of professionals and environmental advocates with expertise in the areas of aquatic ecology, technology, and the world of business and marketing, dedicated to building inclusive and human-oriented open source aquatic probes.

Hacking Ecology is born from the strong will to create a sustainable company within the framework of open source technologies. Saulo’s extensive knowledge of water and environmental monitoring and deep awareness of the deficits of current monitoring equipment available on the market alongside Valentina’s command of marketing strategy and business development, makes them the perfect team.


All our systems are publically available and always will be. All information related to our products’ manufacturing and code is available under the Free-Open Source licensing framework (CERN-OHL and GPL)

To facilitate the adoption and constant use of our tools in industries, and bring about maximum benefits in other arenas of aquatic ecology, we believe our products and services should be fairly priced and easy to use. By removing barriers to entry, we can all benefit.

By bringing together key players from around the globe we can foster international collaboration and accelerate change in the fields of water quality, human health and ecosystem integrity. Our highly accessible system empowers everyday citizens to get involved in developing solutions to improve public policies and environmental protection.

Hacking Ecology firmly believes that we should all have universal and equitable access to safe drinking water. As 80% of wastewater is currently released into the environment without treatment, we recognise the urgency to act now to safeguard this precious and indispensable resource.

In order to bring about real change, it is essential to increase public awareness on the vital role of water and the multitude of water quality problems we face today. We believe it’s paramount to provide greater access to environmental data, as well as quality training to educate all segments of society in order to have the best chance possible of finding workable solutions.

Mission and values

Our mission is to provide a reliable and accessible system for water quality monitoring to protect the health of ecosystems and achieve universal & equitable access to safe water for all humans.


Saulo Jacques, Ph.D

Co-Founder, Ecologist & Developer

Saulo is an aquatic ecologist with over 10 years experience studying environmental impact in water systems, as well as being a keen Python, C++ and R programmer.

His interest in using technology to benefit the environment has led Saulo  to the development and coordination of Climobike, a portable monitoring system for climatic conditions and air quality which can be attached to many different types of bicycles. It also led him to to take part in a number of events with a environmental focus, such as Hack4Climate, the first international hackathon using blockchain for climate action.

In recent years he has been focusing on the best way to combine his two passions: water ecology research and technology.

Valentina Cristofoli

Co-founder, Business Development, Marketing & Operations

Valentina is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience and a strong drive to help social impact firms.

The marketing expert is in her element when using the power of communication and digital amplification to give visibility to socially and environmentally responsible companies. This propelled Valentina to found Marketing Onamission, an organisation helping companies to accelerate and amplify their social impact via digital marketing.

Following years of honing her business and digital skills in various fields as well as on a MIB program at ISDI (one of the world’s leaders in all fields digital), Valentina can’t wait to use her expertise to launch Hacking Ecology to great heights.


Hacking Ecology