Why Hacking Ecology?

Hacking Ecology aims to promote global access to high accuracy water monitoring systems using the most powerful open source tools to make it possible.

The high performance probes and the body of advisors assure reliable environmental data and systems ready for being applied to different activities. Hacking Ecology systems enable a wide implementation, from ecological research, citizen science, to agencies’ water quality control.

Collaborative is Better

The creation of the most accessible, flexible and user-friendly systems is a collaborative effort!

Our open source approach gather together users, researchers and organizations to participate in a constant feedback for improvement of the underwater tools. The best balance of IoT integration, full compatibility with different platforms and a rock-solid system is a challenging step and we build iit together.


The Open Source Freshwater Monitoring System.

Data Availability

High Compatibility


Access and analyze data with, Python, R, Matlab and more.

Open Source



Our open source & environmental impact approach unable us to offer high quality tools at a fair & accessible cost.





A modular system


Up to 7 sensors, you can customize your system and add or change sensors whenever you want.







IoT Integration

Integration Power


You can access your data with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or USP Connection.






No barriers


Connect using GNU/Linux, Mac or Windows. Visualize the data on your mobile remotely.



Distributed & Secure


A secure and incorruptible distributed database that protect the data with a replicated design. Ready for real-time processing of data!




Ready for Fields


Certified sensors and impact-tolerant enclosure assure the best performance and durability.





Stay updated!

We’re a multidisciplinary team dedicated in building an inclusive and human oriented open source aquatic probes.