Hacking Ecology provides high accuracy water monitoring systems using the most powerful open source tools.

Hacking Ecology
Sensing Platform

We are building the most powerful and accessible open source tools for water monitoring, and a secure, unalterable, distributed and accessible database. Empower communities to find information and data to take and demand action! We are a group of ecologists, technologists and environmental advocates building high accuracy and fair price systems for water monitoring and environmental data management



The Open, Rock-Solid & High Accuracy Water Monitoring System


High Compatibility
Access and analyze data with Python, R, Matlab and more.

Our open source approach and focus on environmental impact enables us to offer high quality tools at a fair and reasonable cost.

+ More

NAYAD is coming soon!

The 100% open source water monitoring system is just around the corner. Stay updated!

Monitor aquatic environments around you with reliable and low-cost sensors and easy-to-use tools for storing, sharing and taking action to protect our environment.



Thanks to regular testing, continual improvement and the robustness of our modular hardware, we can deliver a reliable product perfectly suited to all types of field work and research projects. Hacking Ecology facilitates access to a large amount of quality data, enabling universities and research organizations to make new discoveries in the exciting field of water research.


Citizen scientists and autonomous groups are key players in water monitoring, social inclusion and knowledge exchange. Hacking Ecology empowers citizens to carry out environmental studies by equipping them with affordable and easy-to-use tools, in addition to providing training on best practices in water monitoring.


Hacking Ecology aims to facilitate the adoption of stable and reliable water monitoring systems for public agencies, environmental engineers and private companies who are committed to reducing the environmental impact of wastewater released into the environment in parallel to improving the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

Urban Water

Water is essential for almost all human activities, health and recreation. Fair-cost and high quality water monitoring systems promote the adoption and implementation of more intensive and integrated monitoring. With proper monitoring, we can get a clearer picture of our nearby water conditions, allowing us to accelerate advances in both human health and environmental conservation.



Hacking Ecology

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